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Our Mission

The Envision 4 Health mission is to empower you to take responsibility for your own health and nutrition. When you do that, you will improve the quality of your life.

To help you do that we recommend several health care products and donate our commissions to Infinity Pointe Charities to rescue, relocate, retrain and rehabilitate abused women and children in a life threatening situation. Envision 4 Health processes all payments over secure lines.

Three Great Truths

The three great truths about you:
  1. You know more about your health than anybody! You may think they know more; and they may tell you that they know more; but nobody knows more about your health than you do.

  2. Your body knows more about the foods, fiber and nutrients you need than anybody! You may think they know more; and they may tell you that they know more; but nobody knows more about your nutritional needs than your own body.

  3. What works for you may not work for anybody else you know; and what works for them may be disastrous for you. When you learn to listen to your body and your heart (inner self), you'll be absolutely amazed at the results you achieve.

Five Basic Health Issues

Basic health issues are well documented for the developing nations and are being documented for the rest of the world. These are the Five Basic Health Issues facing humanity today:

  1. Fifty percent of the population is suffering from chronic and/or acute pain. This pain generally manifests in the abdomen, legs, back, joints, muscles, neck and shoulders. Stomach ache, head ache and back ache are common to eighty percent of the adult population. If you suffer from acute and/or chronic pain, you need to Learn How to Manage Your Pain. Nobody else can manage your pain for you.

  2. Eighty percent of adults and school age children suffer the effects of stress. Stress manifests as irritability, inattention, anxiety, anger, depression, addictions and hundreds of other symptoms. The plight of working people is generally overworked, underpaid and working in a toxic environment. If stress is a problem for you, you need to Learn How to Manage Your Stress. Nobody else can manage your stress for you.

  3. Everybody in the world eats, drinks, inhales and absorbs five to more than fifty times our maximum daily tolerance for toxic chemicals every day. Humans are suffering from an overdose of appetite enhancers, chlorine, drugs, flame retardants, fluorine, food colorings, flavor enhancers, fungicides, genetically modified foods, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, petrochemicals, processed sugar, rodenticides, taste enhancers and other toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals are one of the main underlying causes of all medical conditions. We all need to Learn How to Detoxify ourselves and our families.

  4. Most working people work in an emotionally toxic environment where they are overworked, undervalued, overloaded, underpaid, treated without respect and expected to treat abusive customers and bosses with appreciation and kindness. Most retired people are treated like third or fourth class citizens. They are mentally and emotionally abused, shown no respect and allowed no dignity. Most people find these situations impossible to endure and demeaning. We all need to Learn How to Improve the Quality of Life so we can help ourselves and others.

  5. The average person living in a toxic world is mentally functioning at very low levels and we think it's normal. When we take the time to clear the toxic chemicals out of our brain and out blood we are absolutely amazed at how much more we remember, how much easier it is for us to understand anything, how well we can focus our attention and concentrate and how much better our brain functions. Learn How to Improve Your Brain Power.

Drink Toxin-free Water

The Natural Therapies Research Board has determined that Aquasana outperforms all competitors in removing toxic chemicals and heavy metals from public water supplies.